Connecting you with those you need, when you need it most.

vybu is a mobile app that allows you to listen and pre-record personalised audio messages for friends and loved ones to listen to when they need it. 

Photo of Vybu application showing the Vybu logo on an Apple iPhone

Igniting meaningful and authentic expression to instil connection, gratitude and hope.

vybu allows you to follow pre-written scripts and prompts to speak and share your voice for the recipient to access when they are feeling down, when they get good news, or in any situation imaginable!

Through a trigger based intervention and by developing users’ emotional awareness, vybu allows you to check in with those you care about quickly and with ease. 

Who we are

We are a group of innovators, change drivers, developers and mental health professionals who are all deeply passionate about improving the lives of those around us.

We all have a personal story with mental health. 

A more meaningfully connected world is one in which we want to live in and it is one we are striving to create. 

Photo of Vybu founder Jackson Miller

Meet Jackson

Founder of vybu

I have struggled with my mental health, but more challenging, was failing to support my friends and family with theirs.


Our humanity is what makes us human and humanity is grounded in connection.

A world where we look after each other, express ourselves meaningfully to those who matter and share our stories with others is a world I want to live in – and one we will create.

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